"If Jimmy Buffet was a restaurant, he might be JC’s Seafood. In fact, a happy-go-lucky “Buffet Buffet” of Margaritaville songs was playing on the sound system when I first sat at a varnished wood picnic table in the screen-walled dining area. The music made it so easy to succumb to the mellow charms of this carefree room with its ocean-blue floor and fresh-air breeze wafting through. Although JC’s is a few hours from the coast, I swear I could smell the ocean!

The specialty of the house is a Low Country boil, the base elements being sweet corn, potatoes, and kielbasa, to which customers add their choice of shrimp, crab legs, mussels, sea scallops, lobster tails, or clams. The whole affair is boiled with seasoning that is mild, spicy-Cajun or hot, to taste. The result: a glistening mountain of magnificent eating! The seafood, trucked in by the owners directly from the coast, is impeccably fresh (the XL shrimp are regal); the sausage is firm and fatty and vigorously spiced; the corn is local and all the sweeter for its contrasting veil of spice.

Raw fish in the display case can include crab legs, lump crab meat, and even stone crab claws, as well as Bluffton oysters, flounder, snapper, grouper, whiting, and salmon, plus live blue crabs in season. For 50 cents per pound, the management will steam or boil and season anything they’ve got in the case. A majority of JC’s business is orders that are called in, cooked, and picked up to take away. Meals to be eaten on premises are presented just like the take-out ones: in Styrofoam clamshell containers for eating in the screened room known as the Bait Shack.

I love eating in the Bait Shack. It has a genuine folksy feel and all the ingenuous appeal of a coastal eatery that does only a few things, but does them just right. A scattering of nautical nick-knacks grace the walls; overhead lamps are made from bushel baskets; tables are outfitted with rolls of paper towels for devil-may-care, sleeves-up eating. The house motto? “Nothing Fancy … Just GOOD Food.” To that, I say Amen!." - Michael Stern - ROADFOOD

“In Aiken, there is nothing like it. FRESH seafood at its finest. If you haven't been, be prepared to be blown away.”  -Jonathan C.

“The oysters are amazing!! I have had them on several different occasions and they are always delicious!!” – Amber B.

“Best seafood in Aiken”  - John W.

“Since we started getting our seafood from JC’s, we have never gotten any that was not fresh. It’s like going to the coast and getting it off the boat” - Dr. and Mrs. Fred B.

“Fresh seafood at its best!  We love your seafood and the convenience of having a market so close. We are happy to have J.C’s in the Aiken area. If you love fresh catch without having to make the drive to the coast, let them do the driving.  Chris is there to serve you and give helpful advice for planning just the right amount for your party or get together.” – Don and Bettye R.


“Thank you for your involvement with the 2013 “Roast & Toast.  Just spoke to Ronald McDonald House/Augusta about you guys and praised your work!” – Derek D., American Red Cross – Chapter Exec Dir.

“Thank you for supporting our Christmas Home Tour.  Your donation of the gift certificate for the Low Country Boil will help us and enable us to continue our charitable support for community programs.  Again, Thank You” – Mary S. and Maggi H.  of WOW (Women of Woodside)


“I would like to personally thank you for your support and contribution to the Koda’s Kids Foundation.  Without your involvement in the Dekoda Watson Youth Football camp and fundraiser, what we do to benefit children in Aiken would not be possible. Looking forward to your continued support.” – Dekoda W.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for an awesome job. The silent auction items you donated were over the top. Your generosity and support are very much appreciated. I hope we will enjoy a partnership for years to come” - American Red Cross- Aiken chapter, Leslie W. , committee chair


"Wow, what an awesome experience.  JC's Seafood has catered several events for us including a wedding rehearsal dinner and birthday party celebration for over 50 people.  Chris and John were so easy to work with.  My guests loved the food and the server’s personalities.  All I had to do was make a 2nd call to confirm the reservation!  Can't wait to use their catering service again!” -  Cindy and Joe P.

“We booked JC's Seafood for our rehearsal dinner and could not have been more pleased with the great food and friendly service.  Chris and John at JC's were a pleasure to do business with and we really look forward to using them again for all our events in the future.” -  Mike V.